For CSci 127 students:

Demystifying Debugging
Foundations of Python Programming
Real Python Tutorials
Style Guide for Python
The Zen of Python


For CSci 235 students (in no particular order):


Configure VS Code for C++

A Short Introduction to Makefile (by Zhiliang Xu)

Understanding Make (by Alex Allain)

Git Cheat Sheet

Introduction to git and GitHub by Brian Yu

Help for project submission via Gradescope

The Missing Semester

A tutorial on Separate Compilation by Prof. Stewart Weiss

A tutorial on I/O streams and file I/O in C++ by Prof. Stewart Weiss

Unix tutorial

Become a command line ninja

A tutorial on Working in the Linux Command-Line by Prof. Stewart Weiss

A tutorial on installing Windows subsystem for Linux by Owen Kunhardt

Hunter College Department of Computer Science Linux Information